The Nuernberger Piano Company offers hand-picked, restored instruments for sale.

Steinway and Sons

1902 Model N Upright

Warm mahogany in open-grain satin with nickel hardware. Fully restored.

Steinway and Sons

1926 "Louis XV" Model M

Rich, dark mahogany with black-lacquered molding and brilliant brass hardware. Fully restored.

Mason & Hamlin

1923 Model AA

Made in Boston, MA, Mason & Hamlin "golden-era" pianos are considered by many to be the finest instruments built in the USA. For sale with restoration.

C. Bechstein

1890 Model C

This 7' semi-concert grand sings as well as any modern piano. Fully restored.

Steinway and Sons

1894 Model I Upright

Satin Ebony with Doric pilasters. Fully restored.

Steinway and Sons

1881 Model K Upright

The touch, tone and elegance of a Steinway grand in half the footprint.

Steinway and Sons

1926 Model L

First owned by former NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker and fully restored to its original stately condition.

Steinway and Sons

1906 Model O

The predecessor of the current model L, this is a piano meant for the home. Fully restored.

Steinway and Sons

1895 Model A1

A rare 88-key model A1 in hand-rubbed satin ebony. Historic and elegant look with modern performance. Fully restored.