Mason & Hamlin

1923 Model AA #31130

Although Mason & Hamlin lost its premiere standing in the American piano market during the Great Depression, its instruments crafted prior to 1929 are believed by many professional pianists and technicians to be the best ever made. Those from the "Golden-Era", such as this one, are highly sought after for their remarkable tone and timbre.

This piano is currently unrestored. With a deposit of ⅓ its sale price, we will complete the restoration to your desired touch and tone. At this point, we are confident you will love the piano we've crafted for you and with final payment it is yours to keep. If you are not satisfied with our work, your deposit can be applied to the purchase of another piano in our inventory or refunded to you in full.


Serial Number: 31130
Manufacture Year: 1923

Length: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Width: 57 ¾" (147 cm)
Weight: 760 pounds (345 kg)

Veneer: Figured Mahogany
Hardware: Brass
Keytops: Ivory