Steinway and Sons

1906 Model O #124380

The predecessor of the current model L, this 1906 model O is a piano meant for the home. While not as powerful as the larger models, this piano produces a dark and robust tone with a mellower upper-register that sings on top of instead of pierces through harmonies. Rebuilt in the style of its original manufacture, it includes:

–Restored soundboard and bridges.
–Rebuilt action with Abel natural felt hammers.
–New Kluge keytops.
–Refinished in hand-rubbed satin French polish.
–Period-appropriate fallboard decal.

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Serial Number: 124380
Manufacture Year: 1906

Length: 5' 10 ¾" (180 cm)
Width: 57 ¾" (147 cm)
Weight: 760 pounds (345 kg)

Veneer: Satin Ebony
Hardware: Nickel-plated
Keytops: Kluge plastic