C. Bechstein

1890 Model C #26311

This 7' semi-concert grand, according to the item badge on its inner rim, was sold through Harrods in London. An incredible testiment to its craftsmanship and design, it produces a sound that rivals modern instruments of the same size despite its 1890 manufacture date.

–Pinblock, soundboard and bridges restored.
–New Abel hammers and shanks.
–Ivory keytops bleached and polished.
–Refinished in hand-rubbed satin French polish.
–Brass inlay fallboard trademark.
–Custom, hand-made music desk.
–Satin brass hardware.

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Serial Number: 26311
Manufacture Year: 1890

Length: 7' (213 cm)
Width: 60" (152 cm)
Weight: 840 pounds (381 kg)

Veneer: Satin Ebony
Hardware: Brass
Keytops: Ivory