Using the highest quality materials and methods, the Nuernberger Piano Company offers a range of repair services to restore your instrument to its original condition (or better).

Our technicians are experienced in regulation, restringing, repining, refinishing, soundboard services, and hammer services.

Hammer Services

Hammer type is selected to optimize the tone and touch for each piano from manufacturers such as Renner, Abel, Ronsen, Imadegawa and Steinway. Every set is custom bored, tapered and arced to fit the dimensions and scale of the piano.


Regulation is the process of adjusting all the various action components to factory specifications or other dimensions to improve the touch, repetition and consistency of the keyboard.

Restringing and Repinning

Strings corrode as they age making them brittle, produce a harsh metallic tone and more prone to breaking. At the same time, the tuning pins become loose in the pin block and do not hold the tension required for a proper tuning. Pianos are restrung with Mapes high-quality piano wire and Denro tuning pins in either nickel-plated or blued-steel finish. Restringing also includes the replacement of all stringing felts which become worn, faded and dirty over time.

Refinishing and Polishing

Pianos are meticulously refinished by hand to either a high-gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish using time-honored methods. By this process, inconsistencies and imperfections in the wooden case are repaired instead of merely covering them with spray-on applicators. All brass and and nickel hardware is cleaned and polished to a mirror finish.

Soundboard Services

A cracked soundboard can ruin a piano's sound. Broken soundboards can be repaired by inserting a wooden shim into the split or replaced entirely in the most extreme circumstances.